Experience: Ace Aerial has over 20 years of experience in professional aerial photography including: Commercial, Industrial, Hazardous Waste, Construction and Residential sites. For over 20 years we have provided aerial images to the largest commercial realtors in the nation. We always maintain strict confidentiality, regularly signing NDAs to protect owner identification.

Platform: Owning our aircraft we can provide a low cost, rapid response service. For most shots, Philadelphia and New York Air Traffic Control allow us to go in close with our fixed wing aircraft. While arrangements with local helicopter services allow us to provide low and tight shots for other urban locations.

Photography: With our high definition cameras and powerful lenses we can provide street side property pictures. We take special care to capture the proper sun angles that best highlight the property. Typically we provide over 75 photos for each shoot, and our copyright waiver cannot be beat.

For more information or references please contact John Jenks (commercial pilot)
E-mail: JwJenks01@gmail.com
Phone: (856) 985-0074